Balloon Dog 純銀項鍊



・手工製作的 925 純銀項鍊。

・吊墜長度:18.5公釐 / 寬度: 17公釐。



Product details

・Handmade in 925 sterling silver.

・Length of pendant: 18.5 mm. / Width: 17mm 

・Pendant can be purchased separately. 

購買超過台幣 2,00 元,台灣境內免運費。

滿港幣 1,000 元,香港免運費。

・[現貨款] 將在收到付款後的 1-3 個工作日內發貨。

・[訂製款] 皆手工製作,請預留至少 10 個工作日的等待時間。


  • Worldwide shipping is available.
  • All domestic shipping (Taiwan) is free of charge for orders over NTD $2,00.
  • For customers in Hong Kong, free shipping applies to orders over HKD $1,000.
  • All in stock orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days upon payment received.

  • Our customized items are handmade to order and will ship after the item is complete. Please allow up to 10 business days from the time payment is received for your item to ship.  


Chiao Jewellery’s handmade rings are available in sizes from XS to L. Please refer to the following two measurement methods below and check with our Ring Size Guide.

【現有戒指測量法 Measure with your own ring】

  1. 將直尺壓在戒指上,測量不含戒指厚度的內圈直徑。
  2. 對照CAJ Ring Size Guide,便能得到適合的戒圍號碼。 
  1. Place a ruler under the ring and measure the diameter of the inner ring.
  2. Refer to the CAJ Ring Size Guide, you will be able to find a suitable ring number.

內圈直徑diameter of the inner ring


童趣測量法 Fun measurement

  1. 將手平放紙上,畫出手的輪廓。(提醒:筆要和紙垂直)
  2. 用直尺量出 (a.)手指底部 和 (b.)手指關節 的寬度。
  3. 請重複測量,能得到更準確的平均值。
  + 可將六張測量照片傳給我們,因為手型的輪廓也是參考重點。我們將為你再確認一次!
  1. Place the hand flat on a piece of paper and draw the outline of the ring finger. (Note: the pen should be perpendicular to the paper.)
  2. Use a ruler to measure the width of the area in (a.) which you will wear the ring and (b.) the finger joint. 
  3. Please repeat the measurement again. And use the average of the results.
  + You can also send us the six measured photos, because the outline of the hand shape is also the reference point. We will help you to confirm again!



實體戒圍卡 CAJ Ring Size Card

如果以上方式皆不適用,只需負擔運費,我們免費提供 CAJ戒圍卡

Still Too complicated? Our reusable Ring Sizer is also available upon request! You only need to take care of the shipping fee, then we will send you the reusable Ring Size Card for an easier way to get an accurate measure.
戒圍卡 Sizing card
下載戒圍卡 Download CAJ Ring Card

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